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LogChief Release Notes V3.2

RELEASE NOTES: Version 3.2

This latest release communicates the major new features and changes in LogChief V3.2 (including known issues and workarounds).

What’s New!

This version of LogChief has a new profile filter, the ability to export visual checker settings with a configuration, optimisations of the user interface, deletes QC associated with deleted samples, and a new Planned Collar Tool user interface with customization for column mappings.


Enhancements include (not exclusively):

  • Profile Filter
  • GUI to map columns for Distribute Planned Collar functionality
  • Copying values for fields with similar names from DHSample to DHSampleQC
  • Deleting QC data when deleting Samples
  • Update / delete Standards as per HoleID
  • LogChief interface enhancements
  • Export and import for Visual Checker
  • Priority field consideration for Interval Overlap functionality – Relogging
  • Option to enable / disable triggers during Import Data & Refresh Library operations
  • Added an option to go to Logging-window directly
  • Added an option to highlight the first or last row of the Logging Grid
  • LogChief will support date fields with a default value in a multiple table logging-view

For important details on all enhancement and maintenance fixes, please read the full Release Notes.

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