We empower the exploration and mining world with superior business insights through smart connected systems

Smart Connected Systems

  • We can provide you with one system to run your entire business sustainably

  • Integration of systems is at the forefront of our technology

Why maxgeo?

  • 20 years’ experience within the exploration and mining industry

  • We are a global company and offer a hands-on approach to our clients

WebShed is our cloud-based hosted data management solution, providing real-time delivery of data for superior interpretation and business analysis

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We offer solutions for different situations

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Drilling and Sampling

Grade Control


We offer services that help implement a one solution system for all your data management needs

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Streamline your data process through our software

One system data capture to bring together strategy and operational data into a single platform.
One smart system for capturing, visualising, validating and interpreting data.
For peace of mind. Stay in control of your mineral and petroleum titles with ease.
Reducing risk and improving the monitoring and management of quality control.

We care about our impact

As a global company, working within mining and exploration, we are conscious of the impact we have on local communities and the planet

We are transforming the way the resource world manages their data

one business at a time

We are ready to get digging…

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about any of our services or products. We’re here to help you dig data!