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How it works

Our cloud-based solution loads data from multiple sources into a cloud-based database, and then integrates this data, adding value. This data is then available on demand for reporting, charting, visualisation and more.

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Access to all your data, all of the time, from anywhere, for everyone.

Our cloud-based data management solution is designed for companies wishing to outsource this activity, and yet have access to all their data, reports, charts, exports at any time. The solution is hosted on our servers, utilising DataShed to manage the data on an AWS platform, and LogChief to improve data capture at the source. This provides clients with 24/7 access to their information, all on one platform, providing improved business insights and decision making.

Additional On-Demand Services

maxgeo can provide additional on-going data management services to meet business requirements. These services can be provided on a regular basis, or as required. Services can include but not restricted to;

Data Compilations

Data Auditing

QAQCR Reporting

Government Reporting

GIS Services

Automate to do more

We can setup automations to spend less time on back-end data integration and tedious repetitive tasks.

Integrate to awaken your data

Integrate multiple datasets from most sources, all done on the fly. Awaken data that was hidden and inaccessible, now becomes available and actionable.

Faster insights and action

Everyone in your organisation, at any level, can access the same datasets and gain trusted insights to help them make faster decisions. And data is never stale; real-time metrics are instantly available on any device.



Go boldly.

At maxgeo, we believe people, technology and data are your most valuable assets. It’s why we’ve built our solutions to serve the fast-paced data intelligence needs of today’s businesses, from data generation to data users.

From prospecting to mapping, drilling to logging, geophysics to sampling, our cloud-based solution can change the way you carry out your exploration activities and give you the ability to go boldly. Modernise and mobilise your exploration programmes to run in real-time. Get quality data that’s easier to use – all the time.

From planning to grade control, hauling to ROM management, reconciliation to operational reporting, our cloud-based data management option can change the way you carry out your mining activities. Modernise and mobilise your mining operations so that enterprise reporting happens in real-time.

Changing the way the resource industry manages their data

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