maxgeo focuses on one problem,
making integrated data more accessible
across an organisation

Digital disruption in the exploration and mining industry is creating greater business insights and highlighting opportunities. As technology shifts, a new age of innovation is being created. To be competitive you need to turn these insights into faster action with analytics capabilities based on data you can trust.

This is the maxgeo solution

Who we are

maxgeo was founded in 1998, by a group of respected geoscientists with one focus – collecting quality data and making it more accessible to mining and exploration people. This focus on the business of data management is assisting the industry to improve its decision making process.

What we do

We exist at the nexus of data, technology, people and business. We understand that to grow in a digital world, businesses need to do more to keep up. They must predict future trends, and act on ideas. In this rapidly changing world, maxgeo provides strategic focus and identifies business opportunities.

Our Culture

Our culture is the culmination of years in the bush, on mine sites or at the helm of compliance. maxgeo is leading the change to the future. We go beyond finding a solution. We are committed to helping our clients get to the future by capturing the business value from millions of dollars spent on data generation.