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Project Definition

The Coronavirus pandemic prevented Tripoint Geological Services from attending their planned training in Vancouver, but was delighted with the online training they received from maxgeo.

The Client

Tripoint Geological Services is a Canadian geological consulting company that provides services and support for mineral exploration programs, from grassroots to advanced projects. Founded in 2019, Tripoint delivers data management, data visualisation, project management and geological services to companies including Colorado Resources and Canasil.

The Challenge

Tripoint Geological Services was formed in 2019, and Vice President Darcy Vis explained that the company was at a critical stage when the Coronavirus pandemic occurred in February 2020.

“We were in the middle of setting up DataShed, QAQCR, and LogChief when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Our in-person training was scheduled to take place in Vancouver however due to the situation we decided to hold off”, Darcy said.

The Solution

Karel Radford, Manager – Americas for maxgeo, realised that face to face training may be off the cards for a while, so he quickly mobilised his team to adapt product training to suit the online environment.

“We use online media such as GoToMeeting and Teams to stay in contact with other staff, especially since maxgeo has offices in four countries. So it made sense for us to use these platforms on which to run our online training. Once that decision was made, we really thought about how we can make online training as interactive as possible”, Karel said.

The Outcome

Darcy and the team at Tripoint were pleasantly surprised at how swiftly the online training was arranged.

maxgeo went out of their way to quickly put together remote training for us so that we could complete the DataShed and LogChief Administrator training from the comfort of our own homes. The training went very well and in some ways was superior to in-person training.

Learning online was effective and communication with the instructor was very good. We were able to share our screens with one another allowing us to help each other through errors and mistakes. On top of that, we received the same training we would have in Vancouver but saved money by not having to pay travel costs. I am very impressed and happy with the training our team received.”

maxgeo provides online training to customers all over the world or face to face training where local health guidelines allow.

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