Course Overview

The LogChief User / Administrator training program is for users who will be responsible for the installation, creation and modification of configurations and profiles in LogChief. Participants will be shown how to configure LogChief configurations, profiles and security, report and strip log development as well as how to export and import configurations, profiles and existing data from the DataShed database.

Course Itinerary

At completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Navigate through LogChief and log data to a grid and a custom layout
  • Create multiple rows and samples
  • Synchronise data using the basic and advanced option
  • Export data using the basic and advanced option
  • Import data from the Database and from XML
  • Create a configuration and profile from a DataShed database, including permissions, custom layouts, QC policies and library settings
  • Edit, delete, export and import configurations and profiles
  • Set up User permissions
  • Reconnect to the LogChief System Database (LSD).

What will you learn?

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Day 1

User Training

  • Logging data to profile
  • Discussion on synchronisation
  • Discussion on exporting of data
  • Importing data.

Day 2

Administrator Training

  • Discussion on configuration
  • Discussion on profiles
  • Exporting and importing of configurations and profiles
  • Setting up user permissions in LogChief
  • Reconnecting to LogChief system database
  • Logging data to profile.

Course Dates

19 November
24 November
8 December