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In LeaseControl v1.8.1 we have provided streamlined, enhanced compliance configurations relevant to global regions. Efficiency, preparing for automation and developing toward a focused and modern data management solution are our goals. maxgeo has made improvements such as functionality for annual minimum expenditure commitments and annual rent payments in relation to mineral and petroleum titles.

Simplifying Expenditure and Rent Configurations

We have merged the Expenditure Configuration and Rent Configuration tabs to a single tab for each while maintaining full functionality. Both tabs have identical features and functionality and reduced compulsory fields to make configurations a dream.

Providing advanced filtering for all Expenditure and Rent Configurations

This has improved the efficiency of configurations across regions. The relevant features will be familiar to Users as we have maintained consistency with Action and Public Holiday filtering.

V1.8.1 is designed to hold all Expenditure and Rent Configurations that were effective in v1.8.0 and contains several fixes.

maxgeo is moving to modern platforms and interfaces while maintaining its core products and improving them toward the future. Ask us about our training and support options.

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