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Founded in 2009 to support growing demand, the Vancouver office, headed by Karel Radford hosts an expert team of geological database management consultants and administrators from all corners of the globe.

A close-knit network of international offices enables maxgeo to deliver tailored, responsive geological data services to the global mining and exploration industries. When clients in the Western Hemisphere are looking for help managing their data, it’s the maxgeo Americas office in Vancouver that answers.

“Everyone here has a strength, whether that’s an extensive IT background, specialised geological knowledge or client relations skills,” says Karel Radford, the maxgeo Americas Manager. “Our focus has been to build on those individual strengths and create a team that can provide effective solutions to our clients.”

With an ever-increasing number of satisfied clients across North and South America, it looks as though the plan is succeeding. The Americas office now comprises professionals from as far afield as Colombia, Russia, Zimbabwe and Ghana, but they have a single focus – delivering better geological data management solutions to exploration and production businesses.

Clients in the Americas are split roughly 50/50 across both continents. Vancouver is an ideal location for a maxgeo office, with plenty of junior mining companies, easy transport links to the rest of the region and some world-class natural landscapes to explore on weekends!

“We like to get out to site when we can, so there are a lot of visits to establish client requirements and configure software – pre-Covid, of course,” says Karel. “Because we have so many clients in South America, Jaime (Castaneda, the office’s resident Spanish speaker) is invaluable.”

The maxgeo team recognises that dealing with different cultures across the globe requires an understanding of hierarchies and a respect for existing workflows. The time differences can be challenging, but as maxgeo is a global organisation they are able to ensure client needs are met by the right people at a time that suits.

“It’s all about speaking to the right people, showing respect and being flexible,” Karel says.

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