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“How many metres were drilled on my different projects this week?”

“How many drillholes have been completed thus far for my program?”

“What assays came back from the lab yesterday and did they all load successfully through the Auto Assay Loader?”

If you spend a lot of time answering these sorts of questions for people, then DataShed5’s automated reports are for you! At the click of a button, you could pull and send reports to answer these questions and many more.

All of our cloud clients have access to DataShed5, a next-generation data management system viewable from anywhere as it is hosted on maxgeo’s AWS environment.

Ria Brabham, technical lead for the maxgeo hosting team, said that customers can save hours every week by making use of automated reports.

“The automated report feature in DataShed5 can assist clients with reporting statistics for daily, weekly and monthly reporting of those often-asked questions regarding drill program metrics and assay batch status – all available at your fingertips,” she said.

The following automated reports are available in DataShed5:

  • Assay Summary
  • Audit Report – Drill Activity
  • Audit Report- Assay and Sampling
  • Batch Status Report
  • Daily Drilling Report
  • Daily Operating Report
  • DH Drill Log Audit
  • Drill Holes Status
  • Drill Log
  • Drill Log by Dataset
  • Drilling Activity Details
  • Drilling Activity Summary
  • Drilling Bitware Usage
  • Drilling Summary
  • Drilling Survey
  • Logging Statistics
  • Significant Drilling Results

Setting up automated reports

Reports can be set up to be delivered to a given email address daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The output could be set as PDF, Microsoft Word document, Excel or CSV file.

For cloud clients, ask your maxgeo DBA to set up automated reports for you.

For clients with on-premise DataShed5, your DBA can set them up by following the instructions in the DataShed5 user manual.

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