maxgeo’s Production Module offers a systematic approach to reconciliation and integration.

Our Senior Database Consultant, explains why.

“The Production Module’s true point of difference is to produce best practice, through the systematic approach to reconciliation and integration, adding value to an operation both quantitatively and qualitatively.”

“The interplay of dynamics available to the client is available to all departments.  All departments are using the same data thus, reducing siloed data and time to manage these different datasets. An integrated system for data entry and reporting also allows an operation to act in a more responsive manner, rather than after the fact.”

“Data itself becomes transparent to more service providers and other departments.  For example, blasting may become more efficient in its ability to provide a good quality blast and thus reduce dilution, through its knowledge of geology in the blast area.”

“Fundamentally, the true value of reconciliation is the result produced from an interplay of all departments and the ability to assist service providers across an operation, to produce a single point of truth, with one main objective, which is to deliver the right ore to the mill and adding mine value in doing so.”

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