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08:30 – 17:00
3 days

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Fremantle, Australia

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This course is for anyone responsible for the company or site geological database.

This course is essential for people who will be responsible for a company’s DataShed database or need in-depth
knowledge of the integrated DataShed data management system. The topics cover all the administration tasks and
customisation of the DataShed database. It is an intense, hands-on course designed to present all the skills needed.
It is assumed that participants are familiar with DataShed and basic database principles.

At completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Connect to relevant Databases.
  • Customise the database to reflect the commodities of interest.
  • Create views to utilise assay results in a geological context.
  • Understand how to manage user access to DataShed functionality and data.
  • Understand the process of importing a lab file into the DataShed assay management system, ensuring all
    metadata and QC data is captured.
  • Utilise the administration tools to manage the database.
  • Have fundamental SQL skills so that objects within SQL can be created with referential integrity.
  • Create objects in SQL and add the objects to the DataShed system so that they are accessible.

DataShed database administration

  • Discussion on basic principles of DataShed and configuration.
  • Using DataShed as user.
  • Creating the building blocks of the DataShed system.
  • DataShed general system administration.
  • Importing non-assay data.

Assay management systems

  • Overview of normalised assay management.
  • Importing laboratory result files.
  • DataShed normalised assay system configuration.
  • Handling Lab QC samples.

Work processes

  • Summary and discussions of previous days training.
  • Basic SQL database administration tasks.
  • TASK – Work flow process of creating a new sample table for DataShed.

Question and answer session.

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