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How small to medium exploration & mining companies can benefit from cloud based data management services.

“Outsourcing our drilling and sampling data management
to maxgeo has been an extremely rewarding decision.”

Your Ultimate Cloud Based Data Management Service

In the technology world of today, there are countless opportunities to gain increased efficiency, competitive advantages, lowered operating costs and more. Yet, along with its advances, the tech space has also become increasingly complex. Weighing the pros and cons of increased utilisation of platforms such as cloud computing, addressing functions critical to business like managing exploration and / or mining data, makes things even more complicated.

Within this transforming and expanding environment, it is certainly challenging – if not impossible – for a small-to-medium company to wear the many hats it takes to run a successful exploration operation. For that reason, more organisations are choosing to outsource their data management.

maxgeo has developed a cloud based data management service that provides companies the opportunity to outsource their data management and focus on core activities. Due to COVID, it seems that companies are more open to using new technology to improve their business. The solution is hosted on our servers, utilising DataShed and LogChief software. Providing clients with 24/7 access to their data, and improved insights.

Remote Support
Secure and Compliant
Scheduled Maintenance
Proactive Support
Rapid Deployment
Centralised Management
Personalised Onboarding
Custom Training Modules

Benefits of a Cloud Based System


Cost Control and Reduction

Your overall IT and support costs are reduced. Researching solutions, implementation and maintenance occur as needed, allowing you to budget accordingly.


Certification, Qualification, Expertise

Our experienced team of geologists and other industry professionals will provide impeccable insight, overview and attention to your data.


On Demand Data Access

Data can be accessed anywhere, anytime via our cloud based application DataShed5. Download data, report and visualise.


Renewed Focus on Core Business

You may not be in the business of data management, and becoming an expert in that area should not be an inevitable cost for you to bear. Focus on your core business, and do what you do best, leaving the mundane data management needs of your company to professionals.


Risk Reduction, Compliance and Security

Ensure your data is compliant for preparation and submission of exploration and mining reports, according to the department in your region. Laws are rapidly changing to keep pace with technology and you don’t want to be at risk for security breaches or violations. Data management firms make it their business to keep up-to-date with the latest legal IT frameworks.

Data Management Outsourcing Trends

Exploration and Mining companies are increasingly looking to outsource their data management needs


  • Outsourcing data management needs are growing
  • A Stats Catcher study reveals that the outsourced data management industry is growing by an average of 23% each year.

In-house and onsite Database Administrators are becoming a more expensive option due to


  • Software subscription and hardware
  • Flights, accommodation, superannuation
  • Backups and server maintenance.


Seamless data management is a compulsory component of any successful exploration or mining operation. It is challenging for an average exploration or production geologist to know how to tackle every problem a typical project face. Often data management specialists are required for specific instances in addition to day-to-day maintenance. Businesses will find themselves spending more on ineffective data management staff, or overall inefficient data management systems.

DataShed5 provides an intuitive service and innovative solution for displaying, interrogating and interpreting your exploration and mining data anywhere, anytime. In-house automation will allow you to gain access to your data in real time.

Month to month savings and increased efficiencies will only demonstrate that outsourcing data management needs make complete business sense.

Are you ready to go next level?

Our expertise lies in the business of data management. Leave your data management needs us, so you can focus on effectively running your exploration and mining projects and gain the competitive edge.

To view our Cloud Based Data Management Service in action, or require more information please contact us

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