By Gavin Cleaver | Data Management Consultant | LogChief

Over the past two months, I’ve been working onsite with two of our West African clients focusing on a variety of deliverables, involving database and software upgrades, training and mentoring. Being here to carry out a LogChief implementation really is the best way to fine tune the logging interface and fit in with our clients’ workflows.

 In discussions with one of our client’s Exploration Managers here in West Africa, he noted how important it is that “we are able to log for geology, not for a database”. That being said, LogChief allows its users to integrate more visualisation at the point of data capture – not just from our MX Apps, but also from within the logging sheets, whilst logging profiles can be created to fit your workflows.

Both deployments have included training and implementation of LogChief, which has involved the teams from both clients in looking at their data workflows and how best to capture and integrate their data.

Visualising these processes for discussion has further enabled engagement of each client’s team, and highlighted areas of inefficiency, and where we can utilise the tools better.

Both implementations involved creating LogChief configurations and custom profiles for drilling and grade control.

The current client I’m onsite with is also focussed on production data capture, and, in addition to grade control drilling, profiles have been created for Daily Trucking, Material Movement and Production Sampling. The process is presently being implemented with mentoring and training occurring with the team in the pit to further review the process.

MX Apps for Striplog, Sample Dispatch, Cut Sheets, MX Reporter and pXRF were also configured for use.

All in all, this has been a very worthwhile training and mentoring programme. maxgeo is always keen to ensure you maximise the potential of our products in your business operations – and this is a great example of how we work with you to achieve the best results.

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