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LeaseControl Release Notes V1.8.1

RELEASE NOTES: Version 1.8.1

LeaseControl continues to be an efficient, flexible compliance tool to carry you throughout evolving policy all over the world.

What’s New!

In LeaseControl V1.8.1 we have provided streamlined, enhanced compliance configurations relevant to global regions.  Efficiency and preparing for automation is our aim, focusing on annual minimum expenditure commitments, and annual rent payments in relation to mineral and petroleum titles.


Enhancements include (not exclusively):

  • Simplifying Expenditure and Rent Configurations. We have merged the three Expenditure Configuration tabs, and two Rent Configuration tabs to only 1 of each – without losing previous functionality.  Both tabs have identical features and functionality, and reduced compulsory fields, to make configurations a dream.
  • Providing advanced filtering for all Expenditure and Rent Configurations. This has significantly improved efficiency of configurations in regions that remain important to our clients.  The relevant features will be familiar to Users, as we have maintained consistency with Action and Public Holiday filtering.

For important details on all enhancement and maintenance fixes, please read the full Release Notes.

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