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The management of leases (or tenements, depending on the jurisdiction) is vital to the success of any exploration or development project.

While not a particularly glamorous task – unless you’re one of the rare few excited by admin – lease management is a crucial and underappreciated aspect of mineral resource extraction.

Likely anyone associated with the mining industry has heard the stories: lapsed leases, missed renewal dates, millions of dollars lost due to a spreadsheet slip-up or a poorly formatted date. It’s not hard, then, to see why so many of our clients are excited about LeaseControl.

LeaseControl provides a platform for mining companies, mineral explorers and tenement consultancies to cover all the administrative requirements of lease tracking and maintenance, including detail storage, reporting reminders and links to relevant documents.

Our LeaseControl Product Manager, Phil Mischler, handles all aspects of the software, from development planning through to installation, training and support. Working with the development team, he aims to release a new version every year or so, comprising bug fixes, improved functionality and performance enhancements.

The next maintenance release (version 1.8.2) is slated for the near future and will see several performance tweaks for smoother operation while maintaining the trusted interface and layout of version 1.8.1, which has been driving client success since April last year.

In the longer term, a platform rewrite is on the cards. Phil and the team have started development work on revamping the code that powers the software, with a view to capitalise on current and emerging technologies to improve speed, responsiveness and enable greater integration with related programs, whilst aiming to still retain the spirit of the original product.

“We know what our clients like, and we know they work well with LeaseControl,” says Phil, “so we don’t want to change too much. It’ll have a fresh look, but the software will work in much the same way and be immediately recognisable as LeaseControl.”

Stay tuned for the full release notes and development updates, or contact our team to discover how LeaseControl can make your life easier.

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