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Project Definition

Integrated information and timely reporting associated with tenements, claims, leases and farms are fundamental to successful resource companies and are key risk areas that can be managed with the right process.

LeaseControl allows for easy and efficient management of key business information through its Tenement and Agreements modules. With the maxgeo solution, key deadlines will always be met, property loss and expensive litigation avoided and title administration information can be integrated with geological, CSR and financial data.

The Client

As a precious and base metal project generator focused on gold, our client has Joint Venture partnerships to fund exploration programs and also carries its own technical team to execute specific exploration targets.

The client has been able to attract partnerships with top global mining companies and as a result, have evolved their own social and environmental standards. The company operates across North America.

The Challenge

Their commitment to safety, community engagement and care for the environment presents its own challenges in managing these efforts and the ensuing relationships both inside and outside of project boundaries. Having active exploration projects in countries of different cultures and governments means building and tracking relationships with a wide range of people and regulatory requirements.

Engagement varies greatly with each project. Traditional knowledge and archaeological surveys may be included as part of the engagement process. Engagement is tailored to the needs of the communities and varies from regular updates of activities to formal meetings and presentations.
With exploration claims in different countries, the ability to manage commitments, relationships, auditability, and reporting (both internal and external) are key to minimising corporate risk and achieving project success.

The Solution

LeaseControl allows for the management of core components such as agreements, social responsibility, compliance and joint venture or partner requirements by managing this workflow for its customers. Importantly commitments to expenditure and reporting are key to maintaining good relationships and project compliance and auditability.

Corporate objectives can be easily incorporated and drive the management of the above core components to minimise risk. Protect your assets, saving your company time and risk exposure by contacting maxgeo about your requirements.

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