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Steve Dexter, maxgeo’s DataShed5 Product Manager has 15 years experience as an exploration geologist and more recently with database administration and IT support.

“The future of DataShed5 is exciting because we have some big plans…”

Our new DataShed5 Product Manager is no one-trick pony. In fact Steve Dexter is multi-talented, having worked as a geologist, a database administrator, and an IT “genius”, all while tending his beautiful bonsai collection!

After graduating in geology at Curtin University, Steve saw much of outback WA working as an exploration geologist. With more than 15 years’ experience under his belt, Steve returned to Perth to work as a database administrator before taking a surprising left turn by working for Apple, fixing problems as a member of their “genius bar”.

“I’ve always loved solving problems, and learned to fix all manner of computer issues while I worked on the mines, so working for Apple was quite fun”, Steve laughed.

He started missing the mining industry after a while though, so he applied to work at maxgeo and was employed as our IT Support Administrator. For the last two and a half years, he has been responsible for customer installs and upgrades and generally resolving issues when our customers need support.

Steve was just starting to think “what next?” when Viv Preston, maxgeo’s Director, tapped him on the shoulder and asked him whether he would like to be the DataShed5 Product Manager, so Steve jumped at the opportunity!

DataShed5 integrates the strategy and data for mining / exploration activities into a single browser-based platform.

“DataShed5 is maxgeo’s premier product, so I’m very proud to be involved in it. I really think it’s a great way of presenting exploration and mining information, available 24/7 from anywhere. It just works!” Steve said.

Being a Product Manager means championing the product, and being the conduit between clients and developers in terms of prioritising improvements. Steve is looking forward to leading maxgeo’s plans to make DataShed5 even more useful.

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