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Project Definition

Cameco holds rights to over 4000 tenements across the world, without missing a deadline. Maintaining all of their licenses in one single platform enables efficient management of commitments, including key dates, financials and reports.

The Client

Cameco is “one of the largest global providers of the fuel needed to energise a clean-air world”. Their uranium assets are located in North America, Asia and Australia, and their operations span the nuclear fuel cycle from exploration to fuel manufacturing. With proven and probable reserves of 461 million pounds, they employ over 2000 people worldwide.

The Challenge

Cameco’s tenements span multiple countries and cover over forty years of activities. Their obligations were scattered across documents stored in various locations, including paper copies.

“Understanding of our stakeholders and commitment is paramount to our business”, said Mike McClelland, Director of Exploration Business Support at Cameco’s headquarters in Saskatchewan, Canada.

“The ability to have all our tenements, agreements and permits centralised and standardised in one platform enables us to efficiently manage our commitments, and bring out insights that facilitate fast decision making”, commented Sarah Wang, Manager of Exploration Information Management.

The Solution

About ten years ago, Cameco Exploration was looking for a solution to the headache of keeping track of all of Cameco’s tenement obligations.

“We looked at a few options, and LeaseControl fitted the company’s requirements and budget”, Sarah said.

LeaseControl allows for easy and efficient management of tenements. It keeps all the information in one place, readily accessible and easily searchable, and provides timely reminders so that tenement managers never miss important deadlines for payments, reports or any other title / regulatory obligations. Title administration information can be smoothly integrated with agreement, contact, project and financial data.

Cameco now uses LeaseControl to manage all land positions for the global business in one database, and Sarah is thankful that they made that decision.

“It’s easy to use and saves us a lot of time. LeaseControl enables us to keep track of all of our tenements in one central location and allows key stakeholders within the company to access the information they need. It really helps to have one single point of truth for everything land-related.”

Cameco also uses LeaseControl to assist with budgets, minimum spend commitments and cost reporting.

“It helps us to prepare and review information with government agencies, and to keep track of historical information.”

The Outcome

Cameco has been using LeaseControl for around ten years and has not looked back. maxgeo is currently considering a number of improvements to the software and Sarah Wang’s feedback about the use of LeaseControl in America have provided valuable user input.

Meanwhile, Sarah would recommend LeaseControl to tenement managers at other exploration or mining companies.

“If you are looking for a solution to manage tenements, commitments, agreements and the ability to incorporate management of financials and reports, then LeaseControl is a great solution.”

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