maxgeo solutions are designed to provide enterprise-wide integration of your data, to run a more successful business

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The maxgeo solutions can be deployed either individually or as a whole

maxgeo has designed and developed a series of data management solutions for the exploration and mining industry, that can be deployed as a whole, or individually.  These solutions connect the various data sources into a central data management system.  These solutions embrace “digital disruption” and focus on automation, seamless data transfer, integration and connectivity with other software applications.

The primary aim of these solutions is on the business of data management, allowing a company to integrate all data into an enterprise wide solution that provides a view of the entire business.  Outputs centred around on demand access to data and reports.  The solutions are underpinned by our data management and data capture applications, DataShed, LeaseControl and LogChief, as well as extensive experience in the industry.

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