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Project Definition

One of their mines in Australia had very specific workflow requirements for managing sample dispatch recording and document tracking from the core yard to the laboratory.

Given the number of samples generated daily, it was important for them to capture all relevant sample information into DataShed and provide various laboratories with relevant information needed to process the samples and comply with contractual obligations for processing assays timely and within specification.

The Client

Our client, a well-known international gold mining and exploration company has operations in many continents and has been a prolific user of our DataShed data management system for many years.

The Challenge

Current client workflow consists of:

  • Samples entered into an Excel ‘Sample Register’ spreadsheet
  • Samples are imported from ‘Sample Register’ into DataShed
  • Multiple dispatches raised to the lab in three separate requests (Au, Multi-Element and Hyperspectral).

The dataFIRST Review Scope of Works (SOW) identified that:

  • The LogChief MXApp ‘Sample Cutsheets’ required modification with extra fields and tables to achieve sample dispatch improvement. Once completed this data will synchronise into the DataShed database
  • Using the Sample Cutsheet MXApp to replace Excel-based Sample Registers and the associated loading of them with the Multi-file Import DataShed Extension
  • The Sample Cutsheet required additional data to improve and streamline the Sample Dispatch process
  • Modifications to the standard DataShed Sample Dispatch Extension to allow entry of additional information and filtering to be provided in the Dispatch information forms sent to the laboratory with samples. An addition of an Excel file containing all relevant sample details vastly reduces laboratory data handling and eliminates data entry errors.

The Solution

This resulted in the proposed workflow of:

  • Samples entered using Sample Cutsheet in LogChief and associated workflows
  • Data synchronised from LogChief to DataShed
  • Dispatch documents generated via the Sample Dispatch Extension as Excel and PDF files
  • Dispatch documents easily attached to an email and sent to the laboratory
  • A single dispatch is submitted to the laboratory with multiple assay requests (Au, Multi-Element and Hyperspectral) eliminating the need for three separate dispatches.

The Outcome

The workflows have provided the flexibility and auditability for this client to more effectively manage their sample dispatch operations and track laboratory performance and contract commitments.  Laboratory performance has improved to achieve contractual obligations.

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