Before everything, comes...

We know that your business is unique, and that your company’s data management needs never stop evolving

What is dataFIRST?

Before maxgeo starts any work, big or small, we go through a data discovery process called dataFIRST. This process explores and documents the client’s data and data management requirements, focusing on business outcomes. The dataFIRST process evaluates the existing data management practices and then provides a workflow that adds value to the business, ensuring deeper business insights.

At the end of the process, we develop a roadmap that will deliver a solution fit for business requirements. No two data management systems are the same, and therefore key to this process is the flexibility to deliver customisable solutions.

Why dataFIRST?

When you really think about it, the future of a company rests on the value of the data and information generated from analysing the contents of a simple sample bag. As this data travels through the business process, many people will ‘get their hands dirty’ with the information, and there is always the possibility of losing value in the final result.

The dataFIRST process put in place a strategic data management plan, that will integrate and keep track of all your information, as well as add value to the data. When the information is utilised to its full capacity, this simple sample bag can lead to big results.

Your Future is in the Bag

Benefits of dataFIRST

Strategic Review

dataFIRST establishes an industry best practice framework in which to carry out integrated data management with business insights.

Flexible Business Solutions

dataFIRST grows with your business at a pace that suits you. The program is flexible enough to allow companies to start at any point, and keep on the road to discovery. Scalable database architecture underlies our solution.


dataFIRST won't cost you an arm or a leg. The pricing adapts to the solutions you require. No two data management systems or requirements are the same. Our pricing is flexible to accommodate all your needs.

Simple Start

dataFIRST can start by simply providing you with the right data template.

World Class Service and Support

Our dedicated team of experienced data management consultants and engineers understand a customer's specific needs and ensures there is a maximum return on investment.

World Class Technology

When you use maxgeo's services and software you automatically have access to industry standard data management systems, that provide industry best practice for capture, hosting and delivery of exploration and mining data.


The dataFIRST strategy is about creating an innovative partnership that supports the data management vision.

Our discovery process


Review Data and Existing Workflows

Review all existing data and workflows. Map the data against the Maxwell Data Schema.


Discuss Data Management Requirements

Discuss the required workflows in light of modern data management. Review processes that add value to the data.


Digital Disruption

We review the entire process and see how we can introduce essential components of digital disruption; integration, automation, seamless data transfer, deeper business insights.


Compile dataFIRST report

Outcomes of the review are documented in a report, that provides a strategic roadmap. This report includes information about the volume and quality of data, as well as reports on any duplicated data.

No matter what your data management situation, a comprehensive dataFIRST review, will provide your company with a strategy for improving the data management process.

The dataFIRST review is an important part of gaining a clear understanding of your current data management situation, and planning a way forward. The review provides a detailed strategic plan that will ensure a cost effective implementation and successful data management solution.

It's time to make moves

To organise a review, or to ask for more information, please contact us