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The Client

Lefroy Exploration Limited was formed in 2016 when US Masters Holdings Limited  acquired  Hogans Resources Ltd and their respective land portfolio amalgamated to create a commanding gold project close at Lake Lefroy, close to Kalgoorlie. Lefroy Exploration’s focus is on the discovery of high value  greenfields gold deposits at its flagship Lefroy Gold Project, where the company has achieved exciting early stage exploration results.

The Challenge

Lefroy Exploration consists seven dedicated geologists and other staff. Wade Johnson, Managing Director of Lefroy Exploration,  knew the importance of keeping their exploration data accurate and auditable, so that they would have accurate information to share with investors.

“I’ve learned over the years that data is one of the most important assets of an exploration company – it’s irreplaceable!” Mr Johnson said.

As a junior company, Lefroy considered how they could best manage their database in terms of accuracy, data access, security and cost effectiveness.

The Solution

Mr Johnson had used maxgeo products at a previous company, and decided that maxgeo’s hosted data management solution would be the best way to have experts manage their data, keep it safe and secure, and give them access to their data quickly.

“Having someone with expertise to manage our data works well for us. Virginia (Virginia Napier, maxgeo’s database administrator assigned to Lefroy Exploration) provides great service. We get our data quickly and it’s clean and tidy. As a junior company we can’t afford our own DBA, but maxgeo provide a professional service with a clean dataset”, Mr Johnson said.

Wade Johnson auditing an auger drill hole – perfect match with database

The Outcome

Wade Johnson rates the service provided by maxgeo’s hosted data management team as top notch.

“Ten out of ten. Occasionally we have small issues but if one side or the other forgets something, it gets picked up and solved pretty quickly. Maxgeo always have backup – if Virginia is on leave and can’t do it, someone else can. If we did it (managed our exploration database) ourselves, we couldn’t do it to the degree that maxgeo provides.”

When talking to other junior explorers, Mr Johnson would recommend maxgeo’s hosted data management solution.

It’s a must do for the efficiency and security and access of a managed database. There’s no point replicating it inhouse – maxgeo are already doing it, and they keep improving their software.”

Wade Johnson checking the data using a satellite receiver at the field office

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