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Create a culture of data quality within your organisation

Exploration and mining are currently facing some challenging times and activities are being impacted. Whilst maxgeo plans to continue our business as best as possible, this “quiet time” does provide an ideal opportunity for our clients to review their data management solutions and optimise.

The maxgeo Continuous Data Management Improvement Programme (CDMI) is a structured programme for clients to improve their data management solutions. Improvements can be implemented over a period of time to minimise costs. The programme provides a structure to upgrade to the latest software versions, do a health check on your data and implement processes and workflows to improve automation and integration of data resulting in improved efficiencies and renewed focus on core activities.

"maxgeo has recently assisted in facilitating automatic data migration systems. To remove several steps of the data migration process has created a seamless and efficient workflow. This has given our team the opportunity to spend more time actually utilising and analysing the data".

Norton Gold Fields Limited

6 Tips to upgrade your data management system


  • Upgrade your software to the latest versions. This will improve performance and functionality, and prepare you for the future
  • Ensure you utilise all the functionality in the most current software versions.


  • How healthy is your data and data schema?
  • Lower your risk and ensure your data and schema is compliant with a maxgeo audit.


Historical Data Loading

  • Do you have historical or open source data that needs compilation?
  • Utilise our inbuilt tools or discuss how this can be done most efficiently.

One to One Mentoring

  • We offer remote mentoring sessions for a general chat about your data management system and how we can help improve it.


  • Is reporting a complex task of data compilation?
  • maxgeo can customise and automate the reporting process.