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Having worked for a coal mine and two major geological data management software companies, Onesimo Lande has a more thorough understanding than most of the product differences and the breadth of the data management industry.

Onesimo was born in a small village (Lusikisiki) on the eastern cape of South Africa. She studied geology at Pretoria University, then after graduation, she went to work in a coal mine in Mpumalanga as a trainee geologist.

“Coal mining seems straightforward, but it becomes complicated when you get to the analysis side of things. The assays can vary due to a lot of factors, such as heat and rain; so the composition the customer receives can be different from the composition you sent them. It was interesting work, I enjoyed it.”

After four years in mining, Onesimo decided she wanted to have more exposure to geological software, so she moved to the city, where she worked within the industry for six years.

Onesimo reports that the work environment was positive and a lovely company to work for, until she had her first baby. Her role involved travelling to client sites sometimes for longer periods, taking her away from her young family for days or even weeks at a time. So Onesimo decided to quit paid work to focus on her family: a daughter (now 6) and a son (now 3).

After two years at home, Onesimo began to feel it was time to rejoin the workforce.

“I applied for a role with maxgeo in June last year and after meeting Maryke Maree (Head of maxgeo Africa), Manon Armstrong (Data Management Consultant) and Viv Preston (Managing Director), I concluded it would be a nice place to work”.

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Thus, Onesimo became a Data Management Consultant at maxgeo, joining a team with experience in gold mining, diamond mining and exploration.

“We implement new customers’ solutions to make sure it works for them including migration of data, training, and mentoring, as well as providing support whenever they need it.

“A typical day is very busy. By the time I wake up I’m already planning my morning. For example, I am currently working on a very big project doing the data mapping for a new client – a major gold mining company, which will take several days.”

With her experience working with and for other software companies, Onesimo can vouch that maxgeo is indeed the most user-friendly solution in comparison.

Onesimo loves the flexible work culture at maxgeo, and the feeling of belonging in the EMEA team where everyone helps each other. She is looking forward to continuing her professional development in the geological software space.

“I still want to grow. I feel like I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of mastering the solution – the technical ins and outs of DataShed, LogChief and LeaseControl.”

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