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LogChief is arguably the most ‘hands-on’ member of the maxgeo software family, with thousands of geologists, surveyors and other professionals across the world capturing, logging and validating site data every day.

“Every time I check a support ticket or engage in training with a client, their feedback goes towards the next version.”

Paul Van GoethemLogChief Product Manager

A leader in logging products for more than a decade, LogChief has won over users with its ease of operation, visual validation and dynamic reporting functionality. It’s the first line of defence against data integrity issues, ensuring that all intervals are recorded and logged correctly and all information is synchronised with DataShed.

The software is updated annually under the capable direction of LogChief Product Manager Paul Van Goethem and lead developer Naresh Verma. Paul welcomes new clients – a process that involves customising dataFIRST and DataMap documents, scheduling installation and providing training – and supplies ongoing support to LogChief users around the globe. As he does this, he gathers feedback on functionality and support requirements, using it to plan enhancements which Naresh can then implement in the next build. The maxgeo cloud solutions teams also contribute valuable intelligence in this area, remaining in close contact with the LogChief developers at all times.

Updates implemented in the most recent release (3.2.2) include a Planned Collar Tool, which has proved popular due to its ability to define distinct profiles comprising selected collar types.

“Every time I check a support ticket or engage in training with a client, their feedback goes towards the next version,” says Paul. “It’s not just the coding and development – there’s also the user manuals, training videos, marketing materials and accompanying documentation.”

It’s a big job, but it ensures that each version of the software is an improvement on the last one, keeping LogChief at the forefront of digital capture and recording for the resource and exploration.

While the next build is currently in the works, Paul hints at larger plans in the long term, with an interface overhaul and a revolutionary new portal under discussion.

If you’re a LogChief user, ensure your feedback contributes to future releases by telling us what works well and what you’d like to see. If you’re not a client yet, contact us to find out how LogChief can improve your logging and data capture processes.

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