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Having good data quality will give you a clear picture on which to make big decisions.

The great news is that DataShed5 comes with  quality control checks built in – such as those in the Assay Manager Module, which assesses your assay data on import, rejecting those samples which fall outside the defined criteria of the client QC Policy. Results can be viewed in the Assay Manager dashboard.

The other great news is that as part of your cloud based solution, your database administrator (DBA) can perform more thorough QAQC checks on your data using maxgeo’s QAQCR application. Non-hosted clients with DataShed have access to QAQCR as part of their maxgeo package.

QAQCR monitors your sample collection, sample preparation, or laboratory process so that issues can be resolved quickly.

QAQCR allows batches to be loaded by dataset, or by drilling program name and then by hole ID. This is useful for clients with large datasets when there is a need to run QC checks on a particular drilling program.

QAQC checks can help you improve your business and hold your lab to account. For example, the performance of a standard may be found to be more accurate for one drilling program than another. Alternatively, if you suspect your lab is not meeting their contractual obligations for turnaround time, you can get a report to confirm it.

QAQCR reporting

From QAQCR, your DBA can generate a report containing all the information you require to ensure assay batches are meeting QC requirements, for example:

  • Standards and blanks:
    • Au blanks
    • Au standards
    • Cu standards
  • Repeats:
    • Au field duplicates for 0-0.5ppm, 0.5-1ppm, 1-5ppm, or more than 5ppm
    • Au field resamples
    • Au umpire lab samples
  • Max lab turnaround
  • Max lab screen sizings

QAQCR chart types

QAQCR also can provide any of the following chart types for repeats:

  • Scatter plot
  • Box plot
  • Quantile-Quantile (QQ) plot
  • Thompson-Howarth
  • TH-PvC (Thompson-Howarth Precision vs Concentration)
  • %MAPD (Mean Absolute Paired Difference)
  • AVRD (Average Relative Difference)
  • Precision vs Grade
  • Howitz Trumpet

Your DBA can generate these reports at regular intervals or when required. The report comes as a Word document so that you can easily add your own insights.

Cloud based clients, to find out more simply contact your maxgeo DBA!

Non-cloud based clients, to find out more contact maxgeo.

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